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 Photography Print & Poster Sales

Just about any photo that I post is for sale. Photos that you order will not have the colored sides and will not be censored or blurred. They will have a black (in some cases white) border with the title and copyright at the bottom, as shown in the top photo here. There are some, usually older, that I have only small electronic files for and would not make a viable print. Most prints are available in 5″ x 7″ (cropped), 8″ x 12″ and 12″ x 18″. Some are available as 20″ x 30″ prints. Print prices for these sizes are $6.99 (5×7), $9.99 (8×12), $20 (12×18), and $35 (20×30). Should you want a custom size, please remember that most of my images have a 2×3 ratio (or 3×2 for tall/portrait layout). Custom sizes are priced at the next largest standard size + $5.

Images from Gallery II – Graphic Novel Edits are square sizes. These are available as 5″ squares ($6.99), 8″ squares ($9.99), and 12″ squares ($20).

Shipping is $6 per address per order, not per print. Most shipments are received in about 5 business days.

Click here for print ordering instructions.

If you are interested in other work not shown on my site please contact me with questions. I do have an abundance of work not shown on the site that is also for sale.

Due to the media of my work I do not offer refunds. All print sales are final. I will replace any print damaged in transit. I will need photos of the damaged shipping container and the damage to the print. Replacements for damaged shipping are processed within 1 day.

Photography, Consultation, Design Services

I am a photographer for hire for many and most events in the southern New England area. I am also available as a consultant if you are not hiring me as your photographer or our schedules conflict. I have provided consulting to brides and grooms mostly so they can have a better idea of what to look for and ask of their photographer.

If you need design services I have worked as a desktop designer since the days of Windows 2.0. I’ve been creating advertisements, big and small, one time and long campaigns, for almost 3 decades. I’ve worked with digital photos, images, and more since 1987. With the advent of inexpensive computers and online free media, many people believe they can do it themselves. Very few can. Most cannot create the advertisements, collateral, or even business cards that will capture the consumer and make them a customer. You can see a few ideas on my design portfolio here.

If you’d like to know pricing, availability, and more, feel free to reach out. You can contact me here.