I voted on October 29


I voted on October 29, a little more than a week ago. Someone noted that I should honor the four people killed in Benghazi, Libya when I vote. I thought about that and my vote went almost exclusively to the left. I want to make sure that we’re not cutting our budget for security for our foreign services or our armed services such as the republican controlled congress did 5 years in a row before our embassy was attacked. Let’s remember that the previous administration to this current one sent our sons and daughters to be cannon fodder, into the wrong country, to make a lot of money for a few military contractors (the vice president at the time being on the payroll of one of those contractors). Let’s look at the accomplishments of diplomacy. You want to keep our sons and daughters in the military safe? That means doing everything we can before making the decision to send them to war. That means putting money in the budget for what we have promised them like healthcare and other benefits. Look at the advances in our military by women. If we have a commander in chief who brags about sexual assault where do you think that will lead people that answer to him?


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