Congress does enough “not working” as it is

Do you believe that the senate should give a fair hearing and an up or down vote to President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee? Are you tired of the partisan politics that have run this country into the ground for the last 25+ years? Do you want a justice put on to the court by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? I ask that you sign and share my petition and encourage others to do the same. If the current senate majority leader, Senator Mitch McConnell / Mitch McConnell and others refuse to uphold their sworn Constitutional oaths and encourage others to do the same, those people should be charged with sedition, a crime that can fine and or imprison them. Their duties as senators reach beyond their home states. President Obama was elected to perform the duties of President for his entire term. Congress does enough “not working” as it is. Tell every one of them to #DoYourJob

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