Got Your Back Design by UCPhoto


When you need business cards, flyers, brochures, invitations, POP signage, a website, or even a special cover for that mix CD you want to give to your sweetheart, you need them done right, done on time, and done within budget. Just a simple typo can tell your customer that you don’t have what it takes to do their work. Do you need photo retouching to look your best or to save that treasured photo from your Grandparents? Be sure you are working with an experienced, professional, and competent digital artist. Sure, some sites will allow you to design your own materials. But do you really want it to look like everyone else’s cards? Are you familiar with what font faces go with others? You need someone who’s Got Your Back.

I’ve been creating advertisements, big and small, one time and long campaigns, for almost 3 decades. I’ve worked with digital photos, images, and more since 1987. With the advent of inexpensive computers and online free media, many people believe they can do it themselves. Very few can. Most cannot create the advertisements, collateral, or even business cards that will capture the consumer and make them a customer.

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers & Pamphlets
  • Logo Design
  • Invitations
  • CD & DVD Covers
  • Post Cards
  • POP & Signage
  • Photo retouching and restoration
  • Websites
  • Posters
  • Letterhead
  • Graphics for online presence such as social media

Check out examples on the Design Portfolio page. If you need professionally designed media, need it on time and within budget, I’ve Got Your Back. I’ll work with your budget to get you the most for your expense.

How Can I Afford It?

Really, how can you not afford to put the right message in front of your potential customers? Don’t be fooled – I know every company and every person has a budget and some are smaller than others. My prices are reasonable and the more you purchase the more discounts pile up. For printed pieces prices are for design only. I can recommend quality printers or you can provide me with one of your choosing. If you choose a printer (and provide me with their contact info) I will contact them for their technical requirements.

  • Letterhead, Logo, or Business card design: starting at $25
  • Photo restoration: starting at $25
  • Basic photo retouching: starting at $5
  • Postcards, Invitations, POP & Signage, CD and DVD Cover design: starting at $35
  • Flyers and Poster design: starting at $50
  • Pamphlet design: starting at $50
  • Website design: starting at $250